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“I appreciate when a person is a good pro. It’s not easy if you do it right. You’ve done a very good job here today. Very good! Fills the rest of my day with joy.” –Ferdie Pacheco, Emmy-winning broadcaster and “Fight Doctor”

“You’re a pleasure, Matt! You’re really a pleasure. And I appreciate the fact that you really read that book, and you know it very well. Thank you very much! –Peter Falk, Emmy-winning actor and “Columbo” star

“This [interview] has been a pleasure. Believe me! And I hope someday to meet up with you again, Matthew.” –Ernest Borgnine, Academy Award-winning actor

“This has been a great interview. You asked intelligent questions, and you read the book. And it’s always my pleasure to have an interview like that.” –Deana Martin, actress and recording artist

“Of all the interviews I have done, you are the most well-prepared and well-read. I’m not just saying that, by the way. And I have done, on a tour like this, both local and national media. Your questions are outstanding.” –Barry Minkow, corporate con man turned fraudbuster

“I’ve got a lotta respect for you, Matthew. When you asked me some of those questions, it’s really obvious you know what you’re doing.” –David Frizzell, Grammy-winning recording artist and CMA Vocalist of the Year